University of the West of Scotland



Principal Investigator : Professor Thomas M Connolly

Funding Body : Renfrewshire Council (under Scottish Government Communities Safety Partnership Award Program)

Value : £13,000

Aims :

ThinknDrinkn? is a project designed to raise the issues associated with alcohol abuse in young people and their local communities. Working with 1st year pupils from 2 secondary schools in Renfrewshire, Paisley Grammar School and St. Andrew's Academy, we are working on developing a computer game which raises all the major issues of alcohol abuse in young people.

The students have been involved in every aspect of the game design and in forming the message they think is important for their peers to hear. They have worked with health professionals from the NHS and the local community and Strathclyde Police Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Section. Taking what they have learned from these sessions they have, with the University team, teachers and others - created an exciting game which will help to deliver a potent message aiming to stem the rise in alcohol abuse in young people.

Unlike other formats, we will be able to track the impact of the game on our young people as they log on to the recently launched GLOW portal (Scottish Schools Digital Network) where we will be able to see how many students have played the game. It is through this that we plan to give away quality prizes for every 100 times the game is played and completed. It is hoped that we can give away a state-of-the-art mobile phone as a prize each time. Students will be able to give feedback on the game on the website and will also have links to independent agencies that will offer advice on alcohol abuse.

Project Website: