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Principal investigators : Professor Thomas M Connolly

KTP Supervisor (Company): DR Norman Glen

KTP Associate:

Funding Body : Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Value : £81,323

Project Partners :

TUV SUD Limited’s National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) is an independent, international technology services organisation. It delivers a range of world-class research, development, modelling, calibration, measurement and testing services to clients across many sectors including energy, environmental, manufacturing and government. NEL is a global centre of excellence for flow measurement and fluid flow systems, and maintains the role of custodian of the UK’s National Standard for Flow Measurement. Our parent company, TÜV SÜD, is an international service organisation, employing over 18,000 people in over 800 locations worldwide.

The proposed KTP aligns with the wider group strategy of providing technical support to the oil and gas sector and other industry sectors within the remit of thermal and fluid dynamics.

The increased Sales of PPDS and interaction with target industries will help cross-sell other services and offerings from other parts of the business, which will fundamentally help overall Sales of the TUV Group.


NEL is seeking to develop its Physical Properties Database Software (PPDS) which is currently used to provide quality-assured physical properties data and an analytical calculation capability. Developed by the NEL from the 70s onwards, PPDS enables users to undertake complex calculations and simulations across a wide range of process and engineering applications. The software was originally written by in-house expert thermodynamicists with little concern for end-user interface development. Although the current version has moved to a more flexible structure, it has not kept pace with recent developments, in particular with regard to the emergence of new platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

The development of a more user friendly software aligned with the wider needs of specific markets, including the oil and gas industry, is strategically important to NEL’s core business model and will deliver enhanced customer value, product accessibility and reach. By targeting new platforms such as tablets and smartphones, and developing appropriate user interfaces, this project will also help to spread the importance of the knowledge of quality-assured physical property data to a much wider audience than the current product achieves.

A robust and user friendly thermodynamics software suite would also provide SME’s in the consultancy supply chain with the necessary tools and confidence to provide support services across a variety of industry sectors.