University of the West of Scotland


Web Delivery Platform

Principal Investigator : Professor Thomas M Connolly

Co-Investigator : Dr Mark Stansfield

KTP Supervisor (Company) : David Scott

KTP Associate : April MacPhail

Funding Body : Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Value : £110,000

Project Partners :


To develop a bespoke web delivery platform that will allow staff to access and process statistical information data from any location in the UK. The system will also allow Sterling Healthcare’s clients direct access, thereby enabling them to produce their own statistical reports and share information in a variety of different formats. The new embedded system will integrate all internal and external aspects of the company’s operations and allow the company to expand the business to take on more and larger contracts. More specifically:

  • Initial Research and Specification Production
  • Design and develop a generalised web delivery platform
  • Design, develop and implement Clients, Patients and Appointments subsystem
  • Design, develop and implement Occupational Health Reports subsystem
  • Design, develop and implement Human Resources subsystem.