University of the West of Scotland


Viper 2 Web Platform

Principal investigators : Professor Thomas M Connolly

KTP Supervisor (Company): Adrian Kerr

KTP Associate: Simi Rebecca Sebastian

Funding Body : Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Value : £128,480

Project Partners :


The overall objective is to design and develop the next version of Viper, Invec’s proprietary system, and underlying database and relevant subsystems that will integrate all internal and external aspects of Invec’s operations. The project will involve full implementation of Viper2 into the business including staff training. The expected outputs for the project are:

  • Analyse industry standards/legal requirements, specifically web accessibility; security, interoperability; multilingual support, and technologies to be adopted.
  • Consider how the transition from Viper 1 to Viper 2 will occur and how legacy data will be handled.
  • Design, develop and implement core platform with database-driven customisation of workflow, roles and security.
  • Design, develop and implement Warranty Management subsystem (including call centre job logging and management).
  • Design, develop and implement Repair Process Control (including WEEE Management).
  • Design, develop and implement Supply Chain Management and Multi-Site Stock Management subsystems.
  • Design, develop and implement Financial Control Integration subsystem.
  • Embed Knowledge and Expertise Internally.