University of the West of Scotland


ISLE - Individualised Support for Learning Through ePortfolios

Principal investigators : Professor Thomas M Connolly

Co-Investigators : Dr Liz Boyle, Dr Ewan MacArthur

Funding Body : Scottish Funding Council

Value : £1,020,000

Project Partners :


  • To achieve significantly improved and sustainable progression, retention and achievement rates.

  • To deliver significant and sustainable efficiency gains in resources, particularly in staff time.

  • To support lifelong learning and wider participation through effective collaboration and partnership between FE and HE.

  • To develop an informed and managed approach to interoperability between partners, within a framework of diverse sectors.

  • To develop and embed a shared concept of personal development planning (PDP) flexibly supported through integrated blended learning strategies.

  • To transform staff perceptions of PDP and build a 'strong staff commitment combined with a genuine conviction that it is a worthwhile thing for students to take part in'.

  • To enable FE and HE to meet the diverse and individual needs of learners in a more efficient and effective manner.

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