University of the West of Scotland


e-CLIL (European Content and Language Integrated Learning)

Principal investigators : Professor Thomas M Connolly and Dr Tom Hainey

Funding Body : EU LLP, Comenius

Value : €398,488

Project Partners :

eCLIL is European Union funded project to develop and build resources and a resource centre for the use of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) ( It focuses on language learning, learning strategies, multilingualism and multiculturalism. CLIL is dual-focused instruction during which language is taught at the same time as content from a different school subject. It has already been established as a valuable approach to both teaching foreign languages and specific subjects. The project is being completed over 3 years and includes partners with a wide-experience of how to create CLIL content and the issues around CLIL.

The project will:

  • Provide support to current and future CLIL education programmes across Europe
  • Disseminate high quality and already proven materials and resources for content and language learning
  • Enrich teachers' and children's knowledge of other European cultures.

Project Website: