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ICT in Education (ICTE)

ICTE is a multidisciplinary Research Centre consisting of staff from computing, psychology, social sciences, education and mathematics. The Centre has wide ranging research interests spanning the use of advanced technologies in all sectors of education and training. Since 2008, when the focus was on identifying the potential for advanced technologies in education and training, the Centre has focussed on the application of games technology and, more generally, Web2.0 technologies for learning. The group have considerable experience in the design, construction and evaluation (both technical and educational) of advanced online learning environments and multimedia-enhanced-video conferencing.

The Centre has worked within the field of e Learning and has produced three fully online programmes. These programmes have been an overwhelming success for the University and have produced significant performance improvements compared to delivery using more traditional face-to-face delivery.

Current research interests:

  • Games-based learning/Serious games;
  • Application of games theory to e Learning practices;
  • mLearning;
  • personalised web environments (Web 2.0);
  • Web2.0 and learning organisations;
  • informal learning environments;
  • Enabling technologies for content and knowledge management;
  • FLOSS (open source communities);
  • Virtual campuses;
  • Reflective practice within information systems;
  • eLearning theory and practice;
  • diagnostics for transition to University;
  • dialogue analysis;
  • emergent semantics;
  • interoperability.

Press Release

The ICTE Research Centre has established a formal partnership with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). Read More

Future Conferences

To mark the 10th anniversay of our European Conference on Games-based Learning, we will be once again running the conference at Paisley in October 2016.